Hello! My name is
Byron Peterson
I build beautiful, fast and responsive websites while providing excellent service and value to my clients
I've been a web developer and designer for around 20 years now, mostly working in the corporate world.Throughout my career, I've worked with Canadian banks, insurance companies, the auto industry and the health sector, just to name a few. More recently I've started working on my own, helping small businesses get their message out on the web.I pride myself on my ability to assess and solve problems in a quick and efficient manner. I do not believe in cookie-cutter approaches, or one-size-fits-all solutions. Each of my clients has different needs, which sometimes require creative thinking.That being said, you can rest easy, knowing that I can provide solutions utilizing a wide variety of technologies to meet your individual needs.

My driving goal is very simple: make my clients happy

There are several ways I strive to achieve this:

  • Provide Value by minimizing costs and overhead
  • Listen to the client's needs and design to meet them
  • Provide excellent customer service through communication.
Below are some of my recent clients.
Mystic Audio
Mystic Audio is a website utilizing React/Gatsby, as well as TailwindJS and vanilla Javascript
Visit site1/5
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